This morning, we took a bus to Halong Bay which is 150 km East of Hanoi. On the bus, we met a nice italiano-german couple, Vitto and Aly, with whom we talked during the 4-hour trip.
We arrived in Halong Bay City around 12:30 pm and decided to have lunch and spend the afternoon together as we didn't go on any tour today.
The mission of the afternoon was to find a good tour to visit Halong Bay tomorrow. So we went to a few places and we tried hard to bargain but it was not an easy task at all.
We finally managed to buy a tour at a correct price but the seller told us to keep the price secret :-D He was still smiling at the end, so we think he still made money out of it (you can see the negotiation sheet).
Then, we had great talks sharing a coffee and dinner together.
Halong Bay City is very ugly and there is nothing to do there apart from the tour for Halong Bay. And the weather is really bad, so the visibility over Halong Bay is very poor :-( We'll see tomorrow.

Halong Bay City
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